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Middle East and North Africa Concentrating Solar Power
Knowledge and Innovation Program

MENA CSP KIP Quarterly Newsletter Q2 2019

10th July 2019

Welcome to the MENA CSP Knowledge and Innovation Program Quarterly Newsletter.

In this issue we bring you a round-up of the most relevant news for Concentrating Solar Power in the second quarter of 2019.

You can also read this newsletter in Arabic and French.

Resources from around the web (in English):

Making carbon-neutral aircraft fuel from solar energy, water and carbon-dioxide

Convert former coal plants into Carnot batteries

Concentrated Solar Power quietly makes a comeback

CSP Costs fell 46% from 2010 to 2018

247Solar builds its first commercial demonstration CSP plant in Ouarzazate (PDF)

Video: Solar heating and cooling for tobacco processing

This is all for this month. Is there anything you would like to see covered in our CSP newsletters? Please let us know

We hope you have enjoyed reading this newsletter. See you again in October for Q3!

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