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MENA CSP KIP Newsletter 04/10/2017

Welcome to the October edition of the MENA CSP KIP Newsletter.

Every month our team of experts brings you the latest news and analysis on Concentrating Solar Power. Also available in Arabic and French.


DEWA CSP 700 MWe project: What we know so far

Five reasons why the 700 MWe CSP project in Dubai could be a turning point for the industry.


CSP mega projects in pictures

Key facts and pictures on some of the largest and most iconic CSP projects


The largest solar complex in Latin America (Video)

Learn about Chile’s Diego de Almagro solar technology district, which will be home to CSP and PV plants as well as research facilities


Recommendations from around the web (in English):

ACWA Power scales up tower-trough design to set record-low CSP price (New Energy Update)

TuNur night-time solar exports to EU for 10 cents – Q&A (SolarPACES)


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