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Middle East and North Africa Concentrating Solar Power
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MENA CSP KIP Newsletter 02/08/2017

9th August 2017


Welcome to the fourth edition of the MENA CSP Knowledge and Innovation Program Newsletter!

Every month our team of experts will bring you the best news and analysis on Concentrated Solar Power. You can also read it in Arabic or French.


MENA CSP Knowledge and Innovation Program Technical Workshop in Jordan (25 July 2017)

Get access to the presentations delivered by renowned CSP experts from the World Bank, Masen, Fraunhofer ISE, and Castalia.


 A Word with Juan Ignacio Burgaleta, CSP Consultant Engineer and Former Technology Director at Torresol

“CSP with TES is proven technology with a commercial track-record so it is secure and reliable option that can be deployed right now”


Operational CSP Plants with Thermal Energy Storage (Key Stats)Infographic


Recommendations from around the web:

Video – How CSP works (US D.O.E.)

Masdar Institute’s High-Performance Solar Absorber Aims to Make Solar Thermal Power Generation More Efficient and Affordable in the UAE (Masdar)

CSP research groups cut water use by 70% in desert efficiency drive (New Energy Update)


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