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Middle East and North Africa Concentrating Solar Power
Knowledge and Innovation Program

MENA CSP KIP Exploratory Mission to the Palestinian Territories (September 24th-28th)

7th November 2017


The World Bank MENA CSP-KIP exploratory mission to the Palestinian Territories, from the 24th to the 28th September, aimed at having a first impression on the potential of CSP for SHIP applications and on the interest of potential end-user companies on adopting these technologies (CSP) into their heat supply systems. Considering many factors, Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP) can indeed play an important role in providing local industry security of energy supply at a controlled cost, independent of energy import costs or energy distribution network developments.


Figure 1. Solar collector technology vs. required process temperature

Figure 1. Solar collector technology vs. required process temperature

Source: Fraunhofer

The mission included a Workshop aimed at a presentation of CSP technologies and of their application to SHIP to the relevant Stakeholders in Palestine, including policy makers, engineering firms, technology suppliers and end-users. Furthermore, the mission included site visits to potential end-users in sectors such as the dairy, tobacco, pharmaceutical and beverage, as well as a site visit to a health care facility. The site visits where framed by a questionnaire on the current energy sources, cost and consumption and enabled a first qualitative assessment of the current heat supply system, energy efficiency status and available space for the installation of a solar field.

Upon the results of the technical-economic viability conditions, the companies will be further contacted as to appraise their interest on a follow-up support activity to the technical design of a CSP based SHIP system, leading to an effective tendering process.


Download the presentation:  Solar Process Heat Available technologies, potential and applications (Pedro Horta, Fraunhofer ISE)

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