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CSP Mega Projects in Pictures

Below you will be able to see pictures of four of the largest and most iconic CSP projects worldwide. Please bear in mind that this list is not exhaustive!

1. Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex, Morocco (510 MWe CSP)

The Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex is made up of three CSP plants:

  • NOORo I (Parabolic Trough, 160 MWe, 3 hrs storage, operational)
  • NOORo II (Parabolic Trough, 200 MWe, 6 hrs storage, under construction)
  • NOORo III (Tower, 150 MWe, 7.5 hrs storage, under construction)

NOORo II and III are scheduled to come online in late 2018.

Additionally, the complex includes a 70 MW PV plant (NOORo IV).

Source: Masen

2. Ivanpah, USA (392 MWe)

The Ivanpah site comprises three tower plants (126, 133 and 133 MWe), all of which have been operational since 2014.

3. Miraah Project, Oman (1021 MW thermal)

The Miraah project will be used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and employs a technology in which parabolic troughs will be enclosed in greenhouses.

4. Solana, USA (280 MWe)

Solana is one of the first large scale CSP projects to come online (October 2013) with 6 hours of storage.

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