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Chile Largest CSP Project in Pictures: Cerro Dominador [PV: 100 MW | CSP: 110 MW with 17.5 hours of storage]

5th September 2018

Cerro Dominador Project is located near the city of Calama in Northern Chile. It comprises a 100 MW CSP plant with 17.5 hours of thermal storage and a 100 MW PV Plant.

Overcoming initial difficulties, Cerro Dominador recently closed $758 million in financing. The project is expected to be operational in December 2019.

According to the developer, the project will generate 1500 jobs during construction and create opportunities for knowledge transfer.

Figure 1. Cerro Dominador’s heliostat field will have a total surface of 700 hectares and 3 km in diameter. (Satellite Image: Google Earth)


Figure 2. With the central receiver in place, Cerro Dominador’s tower will reach a height of 250 meters. (Source: Cerro Dominador)



Figure 3. More than 10600 heliostats will be reflecting sunlight towards the receiver (Source: Cerro Dominador)

Figure 4. The CSP plant’s molten salt storage system allows Cerro Dominador to store energy during the day and dispatch it at night, whilst the PV plant can dispatch during the day. (Source: Cerro Dominador)

Still curious?

Here are some resources where you can find out more about this project (in English):

New Energy Update (Aug 15, 2018) ‘Hybrid CSP-PV gains create openings for 24-hour solar supply’ [Last accessed 30/08/2018]

Renewable Energy Magazine (May 2018) ‘Cerro Dominador Closes $758 Million Financing for First CSP Plant in Latin America’ [Last accessed 30/08/2018]

Solar Energy Research Centre Chile (SERC)

In Spanish language:

El Mercurio (Aug 26, 2018) ‘Infografía Digital: Primera Planta Termosolar en Chile’ [Last accessed 30/08/2018]



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