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Middle East and North Africa Concentrating Solar Power
Knowledge and Innovation Program

Webinar: Concentrated Solar Heat (CSH) solutions available today for carbon-free industrial heat and steam generation

Time & Date: Tuesday May 22nd, 15:00  GST (Dubai, Muscat) / 13:00 CEST/ 07:00 EDT (Washington, DC). Check your time zone

Duration: 1 hour aprox.

This webinar looks into how CSH technology is helping industrial players generate heat and steam cleanly. In this webinar you will learn how CSH could become a tool for companies to reduce their carbon footprint, save on fuel and benefit from a green supply chain.

  • Practical case studies – hear how industrial processes are benefitting from CSH already
  • Consider whether solar is a better source of heat than fossil fuels today, considering how companies are currently meeting their heat requirements
  • Understand which industries can benefit from CSH, including chemicals, food and beverage, mining, textiles, oil production, dairy, laundries, wood processing and many more
  • Calculate the payback times for CSH projects today and the expected accumulated fossil fuel displacement over their lifecycle

Zaafir Waheed


Siddharth Malik

Managing Director

Svante Bundgaard


Belén Gallego

CEO [Moderator]

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