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Supporting Syrian Diaspora Business

  • Starts: Feb 27, 2017
  • Ends: Feb 28, 2017
  • Location: Eschborn, Germany
  • By: GIZ, WB, IOM and CMI
  • Context/ Rationale

    Syria has faced one of the worst humanitarian crises since the 21st century with over 11.5 million people displaced and over 12.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. The Syrian diaspora is playing an important role in supporting the refugees and the reconstruction of Syria. Development partners have a strong commitment to finding ways of supporting Syrian refugees and would like to support these efforts. Over the years, the diaspora has been recognized as first movers for economic recovery and reconstruction during or after a conflict or crisis. Evidence has been seen in countries such as Nepal, Palestine, Haiti and Rwanda. Through means such as remittances, skills transfer, diaspora connected FDI, diaspora entrepreneurship, heritage tourism & nostalgia trade, philanthropy, volunteerism and advocacy.


    In order to analyze the contribution of the Syrian community, consultations with the Syrian diaspora business community were conducted in ten countries and thirteen cities. The consultations aimed to accomplish the following objectives: i) identify the major incentives and challenges hindering diaspora enabled development; ii) assess the willingness of the Syrian diaspora to invest either in a refugee oriented initiative in the host communities or to invest for the future reconstruction of Syria; iii) gather actionable feedbacks that would help in designing inclusive solutions; iv) engage and encourage commitment from the Syrian community as development partners; v) collate information on already existing or planned initiatives so as to avoid redundancies and; vi) identify the unique opportunities and challenges that women and youth face.



    The forum will take stock of the key findings from the consultation meetings and aims to: 

    • Develop a database of Syrian diaspora investors and businesses as well as other key players; 
    • Initiate dialogue and strengthen network and engagements with key stakeholders;
    • Facilitate knowledge sharing around sustainable opportunities for investments, new markets, skills transfer, sustainable partnerships and lessons. 



    Concept Summary

    Syrian Community Consultation Meetings – Interim Report