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Jan 23, 2018 / Infographic
Based on the policy note by the World Bank “Cities of Refuge in the Middle East : Bringing an Urban Lens to the Forced Displacement Challenge”. This policy note aims to advance our understanding of urban forced displacement, induced by conflict, by looking at the issue from the perspective of... more
Jan 22, 2018 / Blog
بلغ الصراع السوري مستوى مخيفا بتحوله إلى أكبر أزمة نزوح يشهدها العالم منذ الحرب العالمية الثانية، حيثغادر أكثر من نصف السكان منازلهم منذ عام 2011- وهي إحصائية مذهلة بشكل خاص.     تابع قراءة هذه المقالة على الموقع الإلكتروني للبنك الدولي، هنا.  
Sep 29, 2017 / Report/Study
Sep 26, 2017 / Blog
  “It is possible!”. With these words and a lot of smiles, the first forum of the Syrian International Business Association (SIBA) ended. “SIBA” has made it possible to unite, promote and represent the voices of Syrian business men and women living abroad.   On July 12th and 13th 2017 and after... more
Sep 26, 2017 / Blog
    Over the five years of the Syrian conflict, municipalities of Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey hosting 89% of Syrian refugees have developed extraordinary resources and solutions to this humanitarian and developmental crisis. Today, some of them have surpassed their response towards strategizing on... more
Jul 28, 2017 / Video
Interview conducted with Haneen Hassouneh, Engineer, Sahab Municipality, Jordan, in the frame of the second annual Peer-to-Peer workshop of the Mediterranean Host Municipalities Learning Network.